Driver and passenger safety is our highest priority. Premier Coach drivers are amongst the most skilled in the industry for their driving and safety expertise. Our drivers undergo unique training programs that maintain the highest levels of safety and customer service. Our Coach, Mini-bus and shuttle van fleet is maintained to Ontario Highway Transport Board standards, in our own facilities and inspected to meet all regulatory requirements.


Safety our number one priority

Before chartering any vehicle, ask the following questions to ensure you are dealing with a reputable, properly licensed operator. It may be the difference between your charter being completed, or not.


Request that the company supply its certificate of authority or license.
All bus companies operating in the province of Ontario must have operating authority from the Ontario Highway Transport Board.


What is the company’s safety record?
Ask for their Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) number which tracks a company’s accidents, on-road detentions, and convictions.


Request a Certificate of Insurance.
This certificate shows the carrier’s levels of insurance and effective Policy dates.


Ask for references.
Request and contact references from similar types of groups. Never charter from a company that is unwilling to provide references.


Is the carrier a full-service company?
Do they have their own maintenance facilities? Look for proof that the vehicle you will be using has passed a complete mechanical inspection.

Licences & Training

We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for our customers. We have developed one of the Greater Toronto area’s most rigorous selection and training processes.  Our coach drivers receive extensive ongoing training and are correctly licensed to operate all of our vehicles on Ontario roadways.

All vehicles are licensed & inspected by Transport Canada
Drivers are licensed, highly trained professionals
Receive unique training programs that ensure passenger safety